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At For Families, we work with people think about how power dynamics impact their families and professional lives. We apply an ecological model, engaging individuals, families, community leaders, the press, and national leadership to embrace positive parenting and non-violence. Our methods help families identify and embody positive models for parent-child and spouse-spouse interactions by demonstrating the benefits of non-violence, mutual respect, and kindness.

Playgrounds for parenting

For neighborhoods that need and want  a community playground, we leverage the building process to help children, women, and men learn about and model norms of non-violence and positive parenting. Our work involves skills-building to identify local leaders and them raise funds, find building materials, and plan their playground project. We engage children in drawing and designing the playground, mothers in designing spaces for socialization, and fathers in building the playground. Throughout the building process, we provide spaces for men, women, and children to build norms and practices that embody positive parenting and advance gender equality.

Hero Mothers

Our Hero Mothers program supports single-mothers who want to protect and support their families through family law. We work with groups of 5 to 8 women to give them the skills and confidence to represent themselves in court: helping them understand their rights, working with them to collect needed documents and draft their court complaints, conducting mock trials, and giving them group advising. Successful graduates of the program can apply for staff positions with For Families, receiving a salary to train other women in their communities on their own family law cases. Every woman can be a hero for her family and her community – we help them unlock their own potential.

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