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At For Families, we envision all interventions being data-driven: informed by ongoing dialogue with and deepening understanding of our community partners. To help achieve this vision, we regularly conduct research to:


Design Programs

Inform, monitor, and evaluate For Families programming.


Raise Awareness

Explore under-examined topics related to families, rights, and development.


Support partners

Support and inform other development organizations.


Baseline assessment for community Support (2018)

In preparation for our norm change and community mobilization work in one Kyrgyzstani neighborhood, we conducted a baseline assessment of beliefs and practices related to gender equality, child-rearing, and maternal health from July to August, 2018. Over the course of 2018 and 2019, we’ll be releasing a series of blog posts that explore the findings from the baseline assessment and their application to our programming.

Early Childhood development: Preschool System in KG (2018)

Of the Kyrgyz Republic’s more than 1.2 million preschoolers, only 22% have access to public preschool. 43% of children live in poverty and 70% suffer from either family violence or neglect. How can these challenges be addressed? What role can preschools play in potential solutions? Here, we assess the nation’s preschool system and its capacity to address these issues –  and make an urgent call for reform.


Women and men of the Kyrgyz Republic have a government-guaranteed right to state- funded legal in criminal, civil, and administrative cases. Here, we take a look at the 2016 legislation that shapes this free legal aid regime and assess its effectiveness in providing women victims of domestic violence with equal and adequate access to justice. As we note, though the legislation makes significant improvements, serious gaps remain.



This report discusses legislative protections for women who have suffered family violence in the Kyrgyz Republic. We describe challenges and shortcomings of the laws on shelters and protection orders and make suggestions for improvement. Written before the Kyrgyz Republic’s adoption of an amended Law on the Protection and Prevention of Family Violence in April 2017, we provide a snapshot of the legal regime up to that point.


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