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For Families works to change how family members relate to one another, building relationships based on respect, equality, and well-being across genders, ages, and social roles. We do this using community-wide interventions to change how people understand and use their power over one another.

At the core of our social change model is community mobilization to build inclusive playgrounds and additional community spaces. We involve all family members in this process – from children designing the playground to mothers creating nearby social spaces to fathers building the structures – and engage them in activities to challenge their conceptions of equality, fairness, and power. You can learn more here.


For Families empowers people with the legal information, skills, and services to better protect their rights. We do this by representing clients in court and in government bureaucracies; by training lawyers on better client representation and sensitivity to at-risk client categories; and by providing easy-to-understand information on Kyrgyzstani law.

Our core legal empowerment work puts the power of the law in women’s hands – enabling women to represent themselves in court in cases involving divorce, child support, spousal support, and child custody. You can access our self-representation guidebooks by clicking here for Russian and clicking here for Kyrgyz.

To learn more about our legal empowerment work, click here.


For Families supports all of its programming with ongoing research. This research encompasses pre-intervention baseline assessments, legislative and regulatory reviews, and literature reviews regarding best practices and pre-existing knowledge in relevant fields. Our programs are monitored and assessed while ongoing to ensure continued design effectiveness and feed further knowledge development.

You can access our research reports here.

For Families also provides research services to other civil society organizations, (I)NGOs, and private individuals. For more information, please contact us at


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