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What We Do

We support families and communities to build a positive environment for children’s development. Our work varies from family to family and community to community, though it tends to fall into three broad categories: family legal support, community mobilization for non-violence, and activities to promote positive parenting and play. Learn more at the link below.

Our Values and Mission

Our work is guided by a set of core values, values which we try to embody with our community partners and within our organization. To see our core values and how they serve our theory of change, click on the link below.

Our Team

At For Families, we’re lucky to work with dedicated staff members and volunteers from across the globe. To learn more about the people who bring our work to life, follow the link below.

Our Partners

Our work relies on collaboration with partners such as local leaders, government representatives, civil society organizations, and international NGOs. You can learn more about our previous and ongoing partnerships at the link below.

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