Bakai Adbykul uulu gives an overview of child support law at For Families' Aug. 24 workshop, "How to Get Alimony for your Children"

Saturday, August 24, 2019 – For Families legal specialist, Bakai Abdykul uulu, provided a free training for parents seeking alimony support for their children. This event was the first in a series of trainings to empower parents with legal knowledge, skills, individualized advising so that they can bring their own family law cases to court with confidence.

Family law – the area of law that governs marriage, divorce, child custody, and child support – impacts the most meaningful parts of our lives: who our children grow up with, the support we can provide them, the way we unite with our partners and, if we so choose, the terms on which we leave them. It is the field of law that reaches deepest into our daily lives and that saturates all realms of society. 

This combination of factors – the omnipresence of family law and its deep importance to our daily lives – makes it one of the most likely areas for people with no legal background to become involved in court litigation. An alimony proceeding is inescapable even for those who are least able to afford it, to understand the laws involved in it, and to assess the quality of the lawyer/advocate representing them. Meanwhile, the outcome will have ramifications for their employment, their children’s education and well-being, and their household prosperity for years to come.

At For Families, we empower citizens who have no legal background to understand their family law rights and responsibilities – with the detailed information and long-term support to bring their cases to court. As a first step in this journey, on August 24 our legal specialist Bakai Abdykul uulu provided the first in a series of free public workshops on how to secure child support payments. The workshop included case-by-case advising plus an overview of:

  • What to expect from the court process
  • Different ways of calculating alimony and how they impact the amount you’ll receive
  • The factors that impact which alimony calculation method you can pick in your case.


We’ll be posting more materials from the event over the next week, including a series of recordings from the event, filmed with the generous support of UNDP and the Art Tengri Company. In the meantime, you can access guidebooks from our series, “The Law is Easy to Understand” on our Russian- and Kyrgyz- language site at the following links:


For Families' "The Law is Easy to Understand" family law guidebooks include basic legal information, step-by-step instructions for bringing your case, sample court forms, and the contact information of courts and government registries across the Kyrgyz Republic.