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Increasing well-being, respect, and equality for families in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Family Support

We advance norms of non-violence and positive parenting to children, siblings, parents, grandparents, and caregivers in the communities where we work. Our programming focuses on concrete, practical solutions to help family members develop the skills for a positive home life and to create a supportive environment in the broader communities where they live.

Legal Empowerment

We support parents with divorce, alimony, and child custody cases through advising, free representation, and easy to use tools. Our goal is that every parent in the Kyrgyz Republic understand how to leverage the family law system to ensure their children’s well-being and their own safety and happiness.

Research for Practice

At For Families, we believe that all programming should be informed by ongoing research, dialogue with the communities where we work, and systems for integrating ongoing lessons learned. Our research thus informs each phase of our programming and serves as a platform for raising awareness on the challenges we work with.